Dining Out in Brighton & Hove

I love to eat out in Brighton and Hove. I like to find places serving simple dishes well. There are a number of places I could recommend; The Ginger Pig, Bistro Nantes, Lemon grass and so on. They serve good clean food, real food that hasn’t been unnecessarily added to. These restaurants serve great fish […]

bodyweight BOSU

One size doesn’t fit all.

I’m training various people all who have different goals and that’s what makes being a Personal Trainer interesting and challenging. Personal training doesn’t always have to be about weight loss. Here are some of my clients goals that I am working on at the moment. Two of my clients have lost 10 kilos and 24 […]

The Journey Continues.

We have been training since February and T has lost 24 kilos in weight, about three and a half stone. With the style of training we have been doing, lots of circuits using weights, the fat has fallen off helped by a calorie deficit and as can be seen by the pictures there have been […]

The dreaded Policeman’s Heel.

I’ve got Plantar fasciitus, a swelling of the ligaments that connect the ankle to the to the toes. It’s also known as policeman’s heel as coppers on the beat often get it. It’s caused by constant weight on the heel area. I stand up for about six hours a day and unfortunately, I’ve got it. […]

Beating those Alcohol and Sugar urges.

When i was in my forties I stopped drinking for three years. I had been working and living restaurants since the age of 20. By the age of 25 i owned a thriving restaurant in Camden Town. The restaurants success was based on the fact that people would leave having had a great time. It […]

Training again from my PT hut!

Yay! I’ve been training again from my “PT hut” . Clients who I lost and whom I’ve had since 2015 are now coming back as they are now working some days a week in town as oppose to home. Some of these clients who I haven’t seen for coming up to six months are now […]

How to improve your lifestyle and training.

Being based in Brighton and Hove we are blessed with hundreds of gyms studios and Personal Trainers. Standing out from other terrific trainers is hard and giving advice that hasn’t been heard before is difficult. I want my clients to achieve their goals, so if I was to be asked what is the major factor […]

10 circuit classes for only 70 pounds!

In conjunction with The Physiotherapy centre i’m running a great Zoom class, 6 o’clock Thursday nights. It’s a fun full body Circuit class focusing on core, cardio and strength great for ages 40 to 60. The class can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be and i am there to […]


I’ve been training Tom since the end of February. Our first 3 weeks was one on one Personal Training, however due to lock down we had to move to online training. He had me, one kettlebell , and his body weight. The weight loss of going from 18.3 stone to 15.9 stone is great in […]

Training during Lockdown

I am lucky enough to have my training set up at home, however i understand most people are limited in the equipment they can use. You don’t actually need anything to keep fit .Bodyweight is very effective in keeping the pounds off but also in building strength and muscle gains. During this period i am […]

My Online Studio!!

I am now training online and it’s going really well. I thought some clients were sceptical at the beginning however the results have been fantastic. Equipment needed is minimal, one kettlebell if that is all the client has or a couple of dumbbells and of course if nothing else just body weight. I am actually […]