Boxing training

Boxercise, it’s awesome!

I love boxing with clients. It’s great fun, builds strength, helps with coordination and agility and is a great fat burner. After all people who box are up there with the fittest athletes. At the moment i’m using boxercise with all my clients, age is not a barrier.

I love jogging!

Together with strength training I love to jog 3 or 4 times per week. I will always do a couple of 5 k runs sometimes running on days that I also strength train and i always manage one weekly hour long run. So many great benefits for your body, but also terrific in helping to […]

Kettlebell training is great!

Kettlebells are brilliant for increasing strength, flexibility, core and general coordination . I like my female clients to work towards using a 12 kilo kettlebell. We often start with 4 kilos and gradually work up. My clients love the fact they are able to achieve this improvement and feel in control and safe when using […]

Making use of Hove park.

Whilst I train most of my clients at my studio at my house in Hove, I love to use the local parks and surrounding areas too. The lagoon half a kilometre from me now has an outside gym area and Hove park not only has a great running area but various bits of equipment around […]

Benefits Of Stretching

I have just completed an advanced stretching course for pre and post exercise. Great for reduced muscle tension, range of joint movement and general well being.

Kick start your day.

I love starting my day with full fat plain greek yoghurt and delicious berries. Berries are slow realeasing carbohydrates that are low in calories and full of fibre .They aren’t going to mess with your blood sugar levels. The full fat creamy greek yoghurt has more protein in it than low fat yoghurts , less […]

This quote says so much!

  So many people i train see success and those who do, have been able to make some positive change to their lifestyles whether it be through excercise or nutritional change . Some people regarding the issue of weight loss make no change to their daily and weekly habits and whilst they will be getting […]