Class Category: Training



Train your fighting muscles and improve your overall athleticism. Fantastic cardio, strength, agility and flexibility benefits – not only to your punch but your skip, bounce, duck and jab! A great stress reliever.

Medicine ball

Bodyweight & Core

These exercises are great support for the back, helping with increasing flexibility and mobility. Improved performance in knees will help with your body functionality in everyday life. I can help you to train at home using your bodyweight, using programmes I put together specifically for you.

Kettlebells in studio


Fantastic for burning fat and building strength whilst adding core strength. These fast ballistic exercises really help change your body look.

Nutrition photo


Diet is the wrong word! It’s no secret that success in weight management is 80% nutrition (your eating habits) and 20% exercise. I can help you make the right food choices and plan your week without necessarily dieting. There are many tools and tips I can share with you to make weight management easier. With some […]


Strength & Conditioning

Moving away from the traditional thinking of pummeling a single body part until there is nothing left. Let’s focus on whole body functionality – what your body is truly capable of when all those individual parts start working together. Lets have some fun – I use the following: Bar Bells Dumbells Slam Balls Stability Balls […]