About James


Often working with the 40 to 65 year age group, I am a proven, experienced 50 something personal trainer in who can help you succeed with your health and fitness goals. Whether you want to improve your fitness and wellbeing, gain muscular strength, drop fat and gain muscle, improve your core stability or reduce anxiety and stress levels through exercise, I can help!

7 years ago I made significant changes to my life and lifestyle. I was a London publican & restaurateur weighing in at 14 stone, which, for someone my size and height, was not ideal. To me every night was a Saturday night!

Through modest nutritional changes, being self-disciplined and exercising three times a week, I shifted 2 stone, gained muscle and dropped fat. I loved this change of lifestyle and then decided to qualify as a personal trainer. I’m in my 50s, energised and fit! And I now have the experience & knowledge to help you increase your fitness levels, shift weight and feel great! Please check my testimonials to see what I’ve done for other people.

At our first meeting we will discuss your goals, agree a strategy and put a plan in place. We will make a note of your weight, body fat, skeletal muscle and blood pressure so any future changes can be noted. We will then have a half hour training session which will give you a flavour of future training sessions.

About James

How TrainWithJames can help you

 STRENGTH & CONDITIONING Combining resistance work & functional training I will help to make you stronger and fitter

 BODYWEIGHT & CORE EXERCISESSuper efficient, fat burning training increasing flexibility and improving posture

 KETTLEBELLS Dynamic body movements leading to great strength, I can show you how to do the exercises safely and properly

 BOXING Great stress buster, strength building with cardio vascular benefits

 NUTRITION Being an ex-restauranteur, I love my food! I can help you drop weight, boost your energy and immune system. Diet is the wrong word!


“James has the right techniques. As a doctor and the Medical Director of the Brighton Marathon – I can see that his motivation to get you exercising and advice are spot on. High intensity training designed for maximal impact in minimum time, combining aerobic exercise and core strength.”

Dr Rob Galloway
A & E Consultant Brighton and Sussex Hospital, Medical Director of the Brighton Marathon