My clients path to success

Kirsty - Social Worker

I have never had a personal trainer before and never done weights, so this has all been new to me but 8 weeks in and I have lost 1.5 stone. I am so much stronger and fitter – it’s been amazing. James has offered dietary advice and kept me motivated, I haven’t had any injuries – he always checks I’m doing exercises the right way and he always pushes me that little bit further but not too much to put me off. So happy with everything, I’m a complete fan and will be carrying on!

TG - The Support Worker

Support_B&AJames is a friendly, relaxed, professional guy who, whilst training you, quickly gets to know your limits and abilities and encourages you to work past those, ensuring you achieve the best workout. He works with each client individually sharing his knowledge of exercise and nutrition with good results in gaining the physique and weight loss you want. All the respect and support James gives it is given back by his clients and is deserved… I wouldn’t be at my slimmest today if it wasn’t for the support and hard work James has put in to my workouts, encouraging me all the way.

In the 7 months I have been training with James i have lost 1.5 stone and 2 dress sizes i never thought i would lose…. 🙂



NF - Gatwick Airport Employee

9 weeks b

In April I approached James to help me lose weight for my up coming holiday in July . We had approximately 9 weeks till I went and in that time he helped me to lose just over a stone. This was only doing 2 or 3 training sessions a month of high intensity work outs. I highly recommend James as a PT. He is both a great trainer and a nice guy. I can’t thank him enough for his hard work and his patience.

AS - The Bride To Be

Bride_B&AWith just over a year until the wedding and the gym is not moving the weight I wanted to lose before the big day. A friend recommended James to me as a personal trainer to help and I’m so glad she did! In the 5 months we’ve trained together I’ve lost over a stone and I can really see a difference in the way I look – and I feel great! The exercises we do are always varied which keeps it interesting and makes my whole body work – we use techniques like kettlebells, weights, stability balls and boxing to mix it up and James offers great nutrition advice to make sure the hard work isn’t getting wasted with a bad diet. James has helped me achieve my goals and I recommend him highly!

Dr Rob Galloway - The Medical Director for Brighton Marathon

James offered me a free trial and although I was very sceptical and a little embarrassed about the thought of having a trainer, I thought why not. After the first session I realised that it was going to be one of the best decisions I have made for a long time.

He was different to the stereotypical trainer that had always put me off in the past; he was middle aged, and normally built and just like me (but more athletic) but he didn’t make me feel crap about not being that fit.

He also had the right techniques. As a doctor and the Medical Director of the Brighton Marathon – I could see that his motivation to get you exercising and advice were spot on. High intensity training designed for maximal impact in minimum time, combing aerobic exercise and core strength. His advise about lifestyle modification and diet also was very knowledgeable and accurate and hearing it made me realise that I had to change to get healthier.

6 months later I have lost over 10KG, actually look slightly better and don’t get so tired when playing five a side football. I also sleep better, don’t snore so much and generally feel better.

It certainly worked for me, and I would recommend giving it a try.

SP - The Web Designer

Designer_B&ATraining with James is providing great benefits! He creates different challenging programmes for me based on my goals and abilities, and already the difference is clear – I have more strength, stamina and a looser waistband! James creates a series of exercises based around a full-body workout, and keeps the sessions personalised, lively and interesting. With a combination of free-weights, cardio and core work, I feel great and have my lowest weight in over 15 years – I’ve lost 2 stone in 10 months! James is an essential investment in the future me and I continue to work with him.

DS - The Housewife

Housewife_B&AI started with James 8 months ago- only intended to do 2 months to give me the motivation to start exercising, get fit and lose some weight. I’ve lost just over 2 1/2 stone- 17 kilos and still losing. Everyone I know has been commenting on how great I look.

Your first session is free and he works out your programme based on what you want and need. He helps you set realistic goals and even gives you a free session or reduction in price for your next block of sessions when you reach your goals.

The sessions have been varied, fun and tailored to my needs and abilities. James is warm and charming, he knows just how much to challenge & push you without a drill sergeant mentality meaning you look forward to working out. He gives advice on nutrition and mini programmes to do alone.

If you want a personal trainer who will help you get results whilst enjoying the process look no further.