I’ve been training Tom since the end of February. Our first 3 weeks was one on one Personal Training, however due to lock down we had to move to online training. He had me, one kettlebell , and his body weight.

The weight loss of going from 18.3 stone to 15.9 stone is great in twelve weeks however there have been other benefits. Tom’s resting heart rate has gone from over 80 to 55 bpm. He had ankle issues preventing him from running but is now on his way with the Couch to 5k .

I’m really pleased with this result and our goal is to drop another 20 pounds and at the same time build muscle. However the best thing that has come out of this is Tom being able to jog without pain in his ankles. This has come about from strengthening Tom’s lower body calves,quads,hamstrings and glutes.

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