Great client feedback is very rewarding!


“I found James to be an excellent personal trainer. After just a few sessions with him I was much stronger, fitter and more flexible. The sessions were fun because James mixed up the exercises, making every session different from the last and keeping it interesting. I never dreaded going to the gym!

He’s a laid-back, friendly guy AND not afraid to challenge and push but he’s sensitive to his clients limits and comfort zone.

Within a few weeks of training three separate people commented that I “clearly look after myself and am fit” – which had never happened before in my 49 years.

James also put a short programme together for me when I was working away, couldn’t make regular sessions but had time to spare in my hotel.

So, if you want to get fitter and stronger, James can definitely take you in the right direction. While you will get develop physically – being leaner and more toned, not muscle bound – you will also notice improved mood.

Take James’s complimentary session and you’ll be hooked.”

Trevor Cousins