How to improve your lifestyle and training.

Being based in Brighton and Hove we are blessed with hundreds of gyms studios and Personal Trainers. Standing out from other terrific trainers is hard and giving advice that hasn’t been heard before is difficult. I want my clients to achieve their goals, so if I was to be asked what is the major factor in keeping the pounds off and having the body and mind you want, the single most important thing is consistency.

Having a Personal Training session once or twice a week is great. It will set a standard that you can work towards whilst you train on your own, it will help focus you on fitness and it will enable you to perform exercises safely and properly, however what is more important is that you do something for the other four or five days of the week . It’s the same with food, it will be hard to achieve your goals if Monday to Thursday you cut out alcohol and bad carbs and then Friday to Sunday you eat and drink like there’s no tomorrow. There has to be some moderation, I try and go for one Saturday night a week as oppose to three, I find it’s tough and takes some self discipline.

Progressing certain goals is not something I have purposefully gone out to achieve, it’s just happened and it’s happened because I do something whether its cardio, weight training or HIT five to six days a week. It’s so true that the more you exercise the easier and more enjoyable it becomes. Something that seemed so foreign actually becomes part of a routine that you can look forward to.

Maybe I should get a life but with the training comes less of a craving to self medicate. We all do it, it can be chocolate, alcohol or whatever rocks your boat. So give something you fancy a try. Any pursuit you think you might like, It could be hill walking or badminton, before you know it you could be doing it regularly throughout the week.

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