Keeping your training going whilst on holiday.


Above is a picture of me just this year just about to start a run with my friend on the island of Zante. A lot of my clients ask me for a training program to follow whilst they are away on their holidays . I like to find a local gym on holiday however I understand that for a lot of people that’s the last thing on their minds.

I find the advantage of introducing  some kind of training routine around 6 pm is that it helps prevent the slippery slope of all out holiday mode starting at lunch time !

Away from the gym, perhaps by the pool or on the beach even if you do 20 minutes to half an hour of full bodyweight exercises in a circuit format to a good intensity daily, you will hopefully not only stop yourself returning  home half a stone heavier, but also getting back to your gym routines won’t be as much of a struggle.

Bodyweight Excercises that work well are Squats, Pressups, Walk outs, Reverse lunges, T Raises and so on..

We all like to drink and eat well on holiday but if you can balance these with fitting in a little bit of excercise daily you will feel better for it on your return home.