One size doesn’t fit all.

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I’m training various people all who have different goals and that’s what makes being a Personal Trainer interesting and challenging. Personal training doesn’t always have to be about weight loss. Here are some of my clients goals that I am working on at the moment.

Two of my clients have lost 10 kilos and 24 kilos respectively whilst training with me and in both cases we are now working on building muscle, so less of the high intensity work and circuit training and now we are focussing on heavier weight training.

One of my clients has a shoulder irritation and has poor fitness. So there are two areas we are working on. Lots of pulling exercises, strengthening the back , improving posture and at the same time trying to increase fitness levels.

Another client wants to surf with his kids and has poor upper body strength. So we have worked on upper body strength, bench presses, press ups, rows and so on, plus we have worked on core and balance using Bosu and Stability balls. He was unable to do 5 press ups when he started and can now do 50.

Another client wanted to improve core strength as they had had a bolt removed from their spine and wanted to strengthen. Working in tandem with rehab exercises, incorporating core, balance and strength exercises, increasing weights gradually we got great results.

These are just some of the goals I’ve been involved with recently. If someone is recovering from injury I will often ask them to see the physio I work with to gage exactly where they are so my starting point is confirmed.

Varied training definitely makes Personal Training an enjoyable job.

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