Physiotherapy Assessment & Resultant Personal Training


Predominantly people come to see me to drop fat and get stronger. In some cases, this is complicated by amongst other things ankle, knee, back or shoulder preconditions. In these cases I find the partnership of my personal training methods along with the direction of experienced physiotherapist Nigel Howell a great benefit.

I can incorporate the specific rehabilitation exercises provided into training programmes. This method of working maintains a consistency, ensures exercises are monitored properly and will help you work towards your fitness and rehabilitation goals safely.


From ankles than sprain, to 5k runs…

I started training with James to improve my health. I have unstable ankles after years of repeat sprains, so he recommended and has worked closely with a physio to build up strength and stability. I have started the couch to 5K programme which I wouldn’t have dared before. 4 months on I have lost weight, reduced fat and increased muscle. In addition to changes in nutrition it has also helped to reverse the early stages of fatty liver.

The best thing about training with James is his level of thought and creativity in planning exercises. He is very easy to get along with and I look forward to our sessions each week.

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