The dreaded Policeman’s Heel.

I’ve got Plantar fasciitus, a swelling of the ligaments that connect the ankle to the to the toes. It’s also known as policeman’s heel as coppers on the beat often get it. It’s caused by constant weight on the heel area. I stand up for about six hours a day and unfortunately, I’ve got it.

It doesn’t hurt during the day but it’s so painful first thing in the morning. It happened after a day of training and classes, i think it was the skipping that caused the micro tears in the ligaments!

So I’ve stopped running and taken up cycling and i love it. I’ve been cycling to Rottingdean and back, cycle lanes the whole way! The slight problem is the journey is pretty flat and it’s hard to build up a sweat. I know I could cycle harder but I enjoy the scenery and the experience so i cycle like it’s a Sunday stroll.

I’m doing calf strengthening exercises and I find myself rolling a ball under my foot to help with the healing process because I’m missing the running.

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