The Journey Continues.

We have been training since February and T has lost 24 kilos in weight, about three and a half stone. With the style of training we have been doing, lots of circuits using weights, the fat has fallen off helped by a calorie deficit and as can be seen by the pictures there have been muscle gains too.

We see each other three times a week and for the next 8 to 12 weeks we are going to focus on muscle growth. We are now not looking to train with a calorie deficit and we are going to focus on heavier weights and lower rep ranges, stressing those muscles so hopefully we are going to see some muscle gains. Along with the two hypertrophy days, we are still going to do one day of full body metabolic strength training using slam balls, kettlebells ,bodyweight and dumbbells. There is no point gaining muscle if you can’t move. T likes running and cycling so we still have to incorporate exercises and movements that are going to help him with his sports.

T is really strong, he is already squatting 80kg, bench pressing 55 kg and single arm rowing 25 kg, pretty good considering when we started in February we were using bodyweight and a 12 kg weight for most exercises as we were unable to access equipment. At the moment we are now using my equipment in my PT shed.

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