Training again from my PT hut!

Yay! I’ve been training again from my “PT hut” . Clients who I lost and whom I’ve had since 2015 are now coming back as they are now working some days a week in town as oppose to home. Some of these clients who I haven’t seen for coming up to six months are now back. Covid hit the business of Personal Training hard and although Zoom went someway in lessening the impact, i reckon most Trainers lost a third to half of their clients.

I’m also starting to get new clients which is encouraging, i think people are still cautious of gyms so one on ones with a Personal Trainer is now an option and one people might not have considered before. I’m trying to be a safe as possible, using the garden space and when not using the garden, the doors and windows of the hut are open to the max.

I’ts a relief to be getting busy again not just for financial reasons but for so many other reasons. I did love the long walks during lockdown, no FOMO and genuinely feeling less anxious, however i knew when i had exhausted all Netflix Boxsets and i resorted to watching reruns of Arsenal games that i needed to get working again!

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