Training during Lockdown

I am lucky enough to have my training set up at home, however i understand most people are limited in the equipment they can use. You don’t actually need anything to keep fit .Bodyweight is very effective in keeping the pounds off but also in building strength and muscle gains. During this period i am mixing my training up i will run one day followed by a bodyweight HIIT session followed by a run the nest dayfollowed by a slower strength session maybe focusing on either upper body, lower body and core. Sessions are normally about 50 minutes long with ten minute stretching . It is much more productive to do 50 minutes hard as oppose to an hour and a half with no real intensity.Whatever you are doing whether it’s walking up a hill or swinging a kettlebell, try and reach a 7o to 80% max on occasions during your exercise and you will see the benefits. Always let yourself recover after you have reached that intensity, as it’s often said listen to your body.

At the moment, I’m training 6 days a week plus i’m really enjoying my daily walks with my wife. We are seeing a lot of Brighton and Hove!

If you want to see any of my workouts check out trainwithjames on you tube channel Personal trainer Brighton and Hove .

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