There has to be an element of fun whilst working out. When I train by myself as I train quite frequently, I will normally listen to a Spotify playlist or a podcast. I was listening to Arsenal podcasts but that’s become thoroughly depressing! I then went on to listen to Gary Kemp interview famous rock stars, he was annoying so you have to find something that works!

Through lockdown trainers have been a bit of an emotional outlet, when people were allowed to train with just one person outside, some people were choosing to train with a PT and the trainer might be the only person they see apart from the people they live with.

I’m now training from home again. Some people are still using Zoom because it’s handy, especially those who have tight work schedules but I think there is nothing like face to face interaction and when the sun is out and the exercise is making you feel good and your trainer is helping you achieve your goals it’s a great feeling.

If you are enjoying something obviously you are going to commit to it more than if it’s a chore, so part of my job is to show you how training can be enjoyable.

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